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Forex Risk

Manage Foreign Currency exposure from Contracting to Settlement

What is

FX Flow is a foreign currency risk management system that gives you a real-time view of your foreign currency Exposure and Hedges.

FX Flow allows you to view your open orders and invoices, manage open Forward Exchange Contracts and Options, and track your cashflow and foreign currency profits and losses on an ongoing basis.

How does it work?


Using the system, the contracts that expose you to foreign currency risk, as well as your hedges to mitigate that risk, can be captured and analysed. The exposure data can be imported at the press of a button. Automation services and ERP integration are available, to give you a simple and convenient user experience.

FX Trading

The system automatically creates electronic versions from the PDF Bank Confirmations, e-mailed to you for speedy trade capture. Risk Managers can add additional data against the trades, whilst the system automatically calculates your effective rates and net trade cashflows. The automated validation of bank confirmations eliminates operational risk.


The system’s post trade activities focus on management of Hedges, Settlements and Performance tracking.

a. Settlement and Performance tracking
Performance is automatically tracked against benchmarks, at invoice and linked trade level, as well at a consolidated portfolio view.

b. Hedge management
The Hedge Workstation tracks available balances over time, and alert Risk manager(s) if any actions are due.

FXFlow is unique… its ability to track and link all relevant activity related to the management and usage of foreign exchange contracts.

Risk managers can manage hedges (FECs and Options) on behalf of their clients. The system automatically notifies your Risk manager(s) when actions are due and sends alerts related to client and consolidated work-lists.

Our Group

FxFlow is a proud 42Markets Group Company

42Markets is a Specialist Fintech Group, whose companies have decades of experience and deep expertise in the treasury and trade processes and technology in financial and capital markets. Each company in our group exists towards a common purpose, to make global financial and capital markets smarter, simpler and more accessible.
  • Delivers Run, Change and Transform initiatives for Investment and Central Banks globally.
  • Through experienced Platform and Advisory Centres of Excellence
  • Ops Risk-as-a-Service
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  • Online Platform to manage Foreign Currency exposure from Contracting to Settlement
  • A multi-sided, cross-asset decentralised Financial Markets platform where users can list, tokenise, trade and settle any asset class. 

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